Putin Making Final Preparations to Free Ukraine and Destroy NATO

Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that Russia is making the final preparations necessary to liberate the people of Ukraine from the corrupt Nazi regime.

As winter sets in and the ground in Ukraine becomes hard and frozen, Putin is priming his military for a major offensive that will include two of NATO’s newest members, Finland and Sweden.

Per The Daily Mail:

Naturalnews.com reports: The major buildup of forces means that the war will be escalating as well, both of which should send pause through the ranks of Western civilian and military leaders after weeks of decent gains by Ukrainian forces and a visit to the United States by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to plead for more weapons. The specter of a nuclear conflict has now been raised dramatically as well, given that the Zircon missiles are capable of intercontinental travel and can be tipped with nuclear warheads. Oh, and no missile defenses in American or Western arsenals can stop them, either.

The fact is, if Putin uses a nuke in Europe, that’s going to drag NATO into the war, and once again, conflict on the continent will rage, giving China the opportunity it needs to move on Taiwan and, possibly, Japan.

“In his speech to defense chiefs in Moscow” this week, the Daily Mail reported, “Putin made a series of rare and frank concessions about his botched invasion, admitting there were ‘problems’ with his mobilization and acknowledging vague ‘criticism’ of his military strategy. But to reverse his fortunes, the president will spend ‘whatever it takes’ on the military, ‘improve the combat readiness of our nuclear triad’ and increase his troop numbers from 1.15 million to 1.5 million.”

Putin also said that his military forces should be learning a great many lessons from the experience in Ukraine in order to modernize the force moving forward. But in the meantime, he said that he will pay special attention to improving and modernizing the nuclear forces because, he said, they are “the main guarantee of Russia’s sovereignty.”

Long-serving Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who, frankly, should be shouldering the lion’s share of the blame for the poor performance of Russian troops, said the additional manpower would be utilized to form new military units in western Russia, opposite NATO and Ukraine. He also indicated that the Russian high command is preparing for the next phase of the 10-month-old war in Ukraine.

“We have no funding restrictions. The country and the government are providing everything that the army asks for,” Putin said, even amid reports that Russian soldiers are ill-equipped and lacking in basic supplies and, often, ammunition.

Despite those reports, the threat of using nuclear weapons is likely keeping NATO commanders up at night. It might just be time to let Ukraine go.

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