‘Quite A Journey’ For Bruce Willis Who Turns 66 And Is Now Looking Forward To Spending More Time With His Family

March 19 marks Bruce Willis’ 66th birthday. And as he celebrates the occasion, an OK! insider says that the beloved actor has been reflecting on his life. 

“It’s been quite the ,” the insider tells OK!. “But looks back at it all with that classic smirk.” 

Before hitting it big in Hollywood, worked as a bartender in NYC. “He knew how to entertain patrons and kept everyone smiling and drinking all night long,” spills the insider. 


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Willis’ dynamic personality ultimately got him noticed by a casting agent — and landed him a lead role in the hit ’80s TV series Moonlighting. But Willis’ success was sometimes overshadowed by his personal struggles. In addition to past alcohol issues, the Sixth Sense star was charged in 1987 with “assaulting a cop who came to break up a party at his home,” recalls the insider. 

That same year, Willis wed Demi Moore, 58. “They seemed like the perfect couple with three beautiful kids [Rumer, 32, Scout, 29, and Tallulah, 27], but Bruce’s ego couldn’t deal with a wife who was perceived as more successful than he was,” dishes the insider. “Demi would be on location while he was home, minding the girls. Bruce grew lonely and resentful.” 

“Their marriage is a happy one. She dotes on Bruce, and he feels lucky to be given this second chance at love,” says the insider, adding that no one would be surprised if the A-lister — who shares daughters Mable, 8, and Evelyn, 6, with Heming — scales back from acting in the next couple of years. 

“He doesn’t need the stress and certainly doesn’t need the money,” notes the insider. “He loves performing, but he’d rather spend his with his wife and kids.”

Willis’ life today is “happy and relatively drama-free,” states the insider, “just the way he likes it.”

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