Remember Madison Beer When She Was Younger? We Do! Details Inside

Madison has been working on her debut solo album for quite a while now, so people are naturally getting excited for its release. On August 9, 2019, Madison announced that she had signed with Epic Records and had plans to (finally) create a solo album. She has so far released three singles that will be on the album, called “Good in Goodbye,” “Selfish,” and “Stained Glass.” The album — which will hopefully be coming out this summer — is called “Life Support.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Madison said that the album is her chance to honestly express herself. “I made a promise to myself that this is going to be my time to express honestly and truthfully how I’ve been feeling,” she said. “I could finally tell my story the way I wanted to tell it and touch on things like medications that are harmful for young adults that I’ve been put on, and real s–t I’ve never been able to talk about.”

Clearly, Madison has come a long way from her first brush with fame as a young teen. We can’t wait to see where she goes next, and also hope that she feels supported both by her fans and her family as she continues her journey of fame.

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