Robin Williams’ Joe Biden ‘Rambling’ Bit Has Hilariously Resurfaced

Only five years before the late Williams passed away, he did an HBO special about how “we still have great comedy out there,” and he proceeded to use “rambling Joe Biden” as his first example. At the time, Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, but in light of Biden’s latest, um, “slip-up,” the clip has become relevant once again … and as you could imagine, it’s gone totally viral on Twitter. 

In classic Robin Williams fashion, the 30-second video clip certainly isn’t “politically correct” in any way, shape or form, however, many have re-posted it anyway, finding it to be seriously applicable to the Democratic candidate’s latest controversy. 

“There’s always ramblin’ Joe Biden… what the f–k. Joe says s–t that even people with [Tourette syndrome] go, ‘No,’” the comedian said in his stand-up routine.

Williams continues the bit, essentially comparing Biden to some sort of drunk uncle, implying that the politician needs a little bit of extra guidance when he goes off on these horrendous and seemingly incoherent tangents. Take a look at the clip below if you haven’t already watched it. 

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