Russia Charges Ukrainian Officials with ‘Crimes against Humanity’ – Media Blackout

Russia has officially charged dozens of Ukrainian officials with ‘crimes against humanity’ and has vowed to try them by an international tribunal, the country’s top investigator has declared.

Alexander Bastrykin, who heads the Russian Investigative Committee, revealed that 92 Ukrainian ‘commanders and subordinates’ have been charged with ‘crimes against the peace and security of mankind’ over the war.

A further 96 people, including 51 of Ukraine’s top commanders, have been put on a wanted list which includes politicians and ‘nationalists’, Bastrykin warned. reports: The 68-year-old said it is ‘extremely doubtful’ whether the men could be prosecuted by the United Nations, due to what he called ‘the collective position of the West’ in supporting Kyiv.

Instead, he told local newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta that the men should be tried by an international tribunal led by Russia’s partners.

Such nations would include ex-Soviet states such as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, and allies further abroad such as India, China and Brazil.

Iran and Syria should also be invited to join the panel because of their ‘independent position on the Ukrainian issue’, he added.

Both Syria and Iran have given strong backing to Russia’s war in Ukraine, and have appalling human rights records at home.

Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan are also run either as dictatorships or have histories of putting down protests with violence.

China is accused of running concentration camps for Uyghur Muslims.

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