Scientific American: Encouraging Obese Black Women To Adopt Healthy Lifestyles Is ‘Racist’

Fighting obesity in the interests of good health is a racist endeavor, according to Scientific American, a leading scientific magazine which would apparently rather black females drop dead than encourage them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Scientific American on Tuesday tweeted out an article titled “The Racist Roots of Fighting Obesity.” The piece gives readers a foreboding look into the “woke” future of science.

GWP report: The article begins by acknowledging a serious public health crisis: four out of five black women are either overweight or obese. But it quickly moves on to complaining about the allegedly sexist and racist roots of black female obesity.

But surely America has relegated these ignorant attitudes and hypotheses into the dustbin of history. We now possess the necessary knowledge and technology to help black women adopt a healthy lifestyle and save lives.

Basic science says the key is a diet which avoids high-calorie foods and promotes regular exercise. Right?

Wrong, says the so-called science magazine.

So obesity is not the problem but rather racism and body-shaming? There is incontrovertible proof that obesity kills more people worldwide than car crashes, terror attacks, and Alzheimer’s combined. Obesity also is not only linked to the chronic mental and physical illnesses mentioned in the article but several types of cancer as well.

By not telling black women the truth and focusing on the obvious problem, Scientific American wants to condemn them all to early deaths. Seems a bit racist, no?

In fact, a cunning white supremacist could have written this same Scientific American article using woke language to trick readers. After all, they want fewer blacks in America, especially women.

This comedy video released two years ago reveals the stunning similarities between the woke left and white nationalists. Seems even more apt today.

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