Scumbag Shares Video Killing Girlfriend’s Cat In Washing Machine On Snapchat


According to Metro: A man has been spared jail after he killed a cat by putting it in a spinning washing machine during a furious row with his girlfriend.

Ivan Vasiliev, 37, sent his partner a horrific video of the cat called Ryzhik on a hot wash cycle after downing ‘four bottles of vodka’.

He claims the horrific act was a desperate attempt to force his ex to come back home after she walked out on him.

When the first cycle was over the frightened, crying cat was somehow still alive – but severely battered. Vasiliev – previously jailed for murder and robbery – then started a new 30 minute cycle with 800 spins a minute, killing the animal.

He posted messages to his girlfriend on Snapchat. – Her name has not been released – saying: ‘I washed him.’ Then he pleaded: ‘He is alive. Are you coming back home? Please come back home’.

She came back to their home in Ukhta, in the far north of Russia – with several police officers. The distraught woman, aged 24, picked up her belongings and left for good. Vasiliev was detained and this week found guilty of hooligan acts against an animal, but was spared jail.

He initially denied he was responsible for the cat’s death, telling police: ‘It’s easier for me to kill a man than an animal.’ He also claimed: ‘I loved this cat. He slept only with me, lying on my chest, stretching his paws.’

Later he confessed he had killed the pet, saying he had drunk four bottles of vodka before his appalling act. He was sentenced by a judge to a year-long limitation of freedom, which means he cannot leave his hometown, and is subject to a curfew plus a ban in going to certain public places.

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