Shock Poll: Most Americans Now Believe ‘Secret Cabal’ Controls U.S. Government

Nearly half of U.S. voters now believe the federal government is controlled by a “secret cabal,” according to a new poll.

The Benenson Strategy Group, headed by Obama campaign pollster Joel Benenson, surveyed 1,000 Americans between Oct. 27-30 to see they if believed “QAnon” conspiracy theories.

“We wanted to test QAnon’s language that the world is controlled by a secret cabal,” Benenson told Axios. “Given that the U.S. is the world’s strongest democracy, we wanted to see how far the appeal of language like that might reach.” reports: The result: 44% of respondents believed the U.S. government is “controlled by a secret cabal.”

The respondents broken down by political affiliation: 66% of Democrats, 55% of Republicans, 54% of independents.

The majority of Republican respondents, 53%, believe the government is controlled by a secret cabal, while only 37% of Democrats believe that notion.

Interestingly, the same poll found “59% of voters agree that the U.S. is a strong democracy.”

Though the survey is framed as a measure of how Americans are influenced by “QAnon,” the fact many Americans believe a “secret cabal” pulls the strings of government isn’t all that surprising given public remarks by top globalists like World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab.

Schwab bragged during a 2017 conference that WEF acolytes “penetrate the cabinets” of world governments to push their Great Reset agenda and other related initiatives.

“And I have to say, when I mention our names, like [former German Chancellor] Mrs. Merkel, even [Russian President] Vladimir Putin and so on, they all have been young global leaders of the World Economic Forum,” Schwab said.

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