Some UK Hospitals Bring Back ‘Covid’ Restrictions

On December 29, two UK hospitals, both in Northamptonshire, reintroduced covid restrictions

The Northampston general Hospital and Kettering General Hospitak have both suspended visits and expect patients in the hospital to wear a face mask. As it would appear the ‘good old’ NHS has learnt nothing over the past cople of years, it is quite likely that other hospitals will follow suit.

The move was rightly blasted by a television host and member of parliament

MSN reports: Location Location Location star Kirstie Allsopp and MP for Rutland and Melton, Alicia Kearns, have criticized hospital bosses for bringing in the new rules to keep patients safe. Ms Kearns said it was “very wrong and cruel” whilst Allsopp launched into a number of tweets attacking hospital bosses.

From yesterday, all visits except those on compassionate grounds were suspended at both NGH and KGH and visitors and patients must once again wear facemasks. It comes as the number of Covid patients across the two hospitals has risen by 650 per cent since September.

Alongside COVID, the number of patients suffering with Flu and RSA has also been increasing. Some patients have both COVID and flu together and are seriously ill.

The new measures aim to reduce risk to vulnerable patients, prevent the spread of infections and help to prevent staff absences. The visitor ban does not apply to maternity or children’s wards.

However, taking to Twitter following the announcement yesterday, home crafting expert Allsopp launched a scathing attack on the decision. Replying to NGH’s request for local news agencies to spread the word, the TV personality said “journalists should not simply accept this is right.”

The 51-year-old, who has no medical training, wrote: “I hope none of these publications simply shared this message without questioning it and making readers aware that there are many patients who still desperately need and have a right to visitors.”

The Channel 4 host continued her tirade by retweeting a tweet from NGH’s CEO Heidi Smoult about executive staff handing out mince pies before Christmas. She added the caption: “Now inpatients are banned from having visitors and Heidi has asked local media to spread the word about this. If I was a local journalist I might be asking what on earth is going on?”

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