South Africa Considers BANNING COVID-19 Vaccines Due to Millions of Deaths

South Africa is considering banning COVID-19 vaccines due to the unprecedented number of deaths and adverse side effects caused by the mRNA shots.

Large numbers of medical experts across the country are calling on the government to urgently investigate the link between Covid jabs and sudden death among the population.

eNews Channel Africa last week interviewed Transformative Health Justice advocates Shabnam Mohamed and Sabelo Sibanda, who said their group is trying to protect children from receiving a vaccine which could potentially harm them. reports: Discussing concerns over the vaccines, Sibanda explained:

The group is attempting to get their case against the jabs heard by the Department of Health in South Africa, who they hope will stop the mass vaccination campaign while an investigation can be conducted.

The South African group’s challenge to the vaccine scheme was promoted by British cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra, who has been urging the UK halt the jabs based on his own research into serious adverse events.

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