Still Lookin’ Hot! 25 Celebrities Who Have Aged Amazingly Well

Hollywood is a place of eternal beauty. As the age and fade from the stage lights, they’re quickly replaced with newer, fresher models, ready to seduce us all over . But some of these stars will not go quietly. They might be over 50, but they’re just as beautiful – and just as talented – as they’ve ever been. Some of these celebs look younger than their years, while some retain a timeless style that means they’ll never go out of fashion. Here are just some of the ones we still love.

1. Famke Janssen

The eye-catching 52 year X-Men star might just have a little bit of mutant in her. But instead of growing claws – which would look good on her, anyway – she’s managed to see in her golden years without aging a bit. Now starring in Hemlock Grove and How To Get Away With Murder, she’s looking as good as ever.

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