Tayshia Adams Admits Living With Fiance Zac Clark In NYC Is ‘So Surreal’

In heaven! Tayshia Adams couldn’t help but gush over with her fiancé, , after the couple got engaged on the December 22 episode of The Bachelorette

Hello! Hi. I feel like I have not been on here in so frickin long and I kinda forgot about Instagram for a hot minute, which is so funny,” the 30-year-old began on Tuesday, December 29. “I have just been so excited to just live life and not going 100 miles per hour slash living a double life and being in secret. I’ve been so distracted with just being in the same house as Zac, which is so bizarre to me.” 

“For the longest time we would FaceTime for hours on end,” she explained. “With the time difference, our schedules were so off. As soon as it would hit 6 p.m. there, 9 p.m. here, we would be on the phone for three to four hours. Now that he’s here, he went to work today, I went to work today, it’s been crazy.” 


The brunette babe noted that it is “so ” that she and Clark, 36, “can be out in the open” with their relationship now, which is something she is still getting used to. 

As for how Adams is adjusting to the Big Apple, she said “New York is good,” adding that she hasn’t “hailed a taxi quite yet.” 

Tayshia Adams With Zac Clark

First on the Bachelor in Paradise alum’s list is that she wants to “get some furniture” to “spruce up the place” since it’s “definitely a bachelor pad.” 

Adams added, “So, we got to change that up real quick.”

The couple also revealed they are looking for some game suggestions to play when they have some downtime. For now, the lovebirds are “doing good,” to which Clark replied, “Better than good, great.” 

The duo was spotted over the weekend enjoying the city and taking in the sights. “We’re out here right now,” the addiction specialist captioned a video of his lady bundled up while wearing a mask by Rockefeller Center. 


The two were also seen holding hands in Central Park, and of course, they were photographed at delicious food joints Gray’s Papaya and Levain Bakery.

After Clark popped the question, he revealed that Adams “has a one-way ticket to New York,” and the two were going to “get comfortable” with one another.

However, Adams revealed she isn’t saying goodbye to California just yet. “But yeah, I’m going to be bicoastal. I’ll have my place here [on the West Coast], but I’m looking forward to spending some time in New York with [him],” she said.

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