Texas Police Hilariously Educate Bad Parkers By Gifting Coloring Page To Encourage Them To ‘Stay In The Lines’

The Texas Police found the similarity between kindergarteners and car drivers. What is that?

Both need to be taught to “Stay In The Lines.”

The police actually used this pun and gifted bad parkers coloring pages as an encouragement to stay in the lines.

We all know, coloring by the rules is a challenge for a little kindergartener. Furthermore, it is definitely pretty annoying when people park at the wrong spots.

The Southlake Texas Police Department

The Southlake, Texas’s police department has recently come up with this simple and at the same time super-genius solution to solve this problem.

The policemen are having the time of their life by trolling the people who decide the park terribly. These witty fliers are the best parking pun you must have ever come across in your entire life.

The best way to deal with terrible parking-

This Southlake’s Department of Public Safety decided to use this incredibly creative idea. This is the best way to deal with terrible parking across the town.

A printed flier of a coloring page was distributed to all the drivers who couldn’t park the right way.

These policemen ditched the traditional and old fine method and used this incredibly genius idea.

The flier said,

“We noticed you had a little trouble staying in the lines when you parked next to a handicapped space… maybe if you practice coloring our patch and staying in the lines here, it could help you avoid citations in the future,”

The Southlake’s DPS made a Twitter post and shared, “We try to avoid snark and sass (we REALLY do), but sometimes our fair citizens make it hard,” “Please stay in the lines when you park ESPECIALLY if it’s next to a handicapped spot or you might be the recipient of one of our new fliers.”

“We try to avoid snark and sass (we REALLY do), but sometimes our fair citizens make it hard,” 









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