Texas Sheriff Slams Democrat’s Open Borders: Illegal Immigrants Are ‘New Slaves’ in US

Democrat open border policies are creating a “new slave class” in the United States, according to Goliad County Sheriff Roy Boyd.

Illegal immigrants to the US take years to pay off their debts to cartels and people smugglers and live as “slaves” in the US, warns Sheriff Boyd, who questioned why Democrats stand by open border policies when they are responsible for the perpetuation of slavery.

Adults and children are routinely working in forced labor, warns Sheriff Boyd, who provided a glimpse of the human misery caused by Democrat policies.

I actually have a letter from a sex slave house out of Rockport [Texas] from a search warrant I ran some years ago, that articulates it,” Sheriff Boyd told the Epoch Times.

“It takes 8 to 13 years to buy your freedom once you come into the United States.”

Boyd said Houston is the first major destination for many illegal aliens once they get across the border into Texas.

“Once they get to Houston, where they think they’re going to be shipped out to their families, they’re not,” he said.

In reality, what happens is once they get to Houston, they’re then told that they owe another $5,000, $10,000, depending on where they’re from and how much money is invested in them. And they have to work that debt off.

The Epoch Times reports: Working off the debt can involve anything from hospitality work, landscaping, factory work, through to forced prostitution and drug trafficking, he said.

Boyd said his office caught a female smuggling three female illegal immigrants in her car last year.

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