The Atlantic Calls for ‘Pandemic Amnesty’ To ‘Forgive the Elites’ for What They Did to Us During COVID

The Atlantic magazine, which recently called for unvaccinated people to be treated like terrorists, is now urging the public to forgive the elite for what they “did and said” during the dark days of the COVID lockdowns.

Per The Atlantic: reports: Correction: you didn’t know.

Plenty of people spoke out against the regime’s response to covid and were silenced, censored and smeared for it.

How come none of the people who were right about this from the very beginning, like Dr. Ron Paul for example, are being invited to teach at our top universities? How come they’re being censored, silenced and blacklisted for being right while those who were wrong about everything are getting promoted?

Just ignore all the lies the government told you about vaccine effectiveness and the fact these experimental shots were mandated for men, women and children!

There’s nothing “nefarious” about forcing people to get injected with experimental, foreign substances with zero long-term testing!

The Atlantic continues:

Remember when the CDC said the “vaccines” would stop the spread of covid and hid their data on vaccine effectiveness for fear it could be “misinterpreted” to show the shots were ineffective?

Remember how Pfizer said their shot was 100% effective at preventing covid?

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