The EU Plans To Impose WEF’s Direct Carbon Taxes on Individuals

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum have been increasing the pressure on governments to introduce direct carbon taxes on individuals. Unsurprisingly, the anti-democratic and far-left European Union appears to be the first to submit to the diktat from Davos.

What does this mean for Europeans? Everytime they turn a heater on, every time they fill up a vehicle with gasoline, they will be paying yet more tax out of their pockets for the greenhouse gases they are releasing.

When I first heard that the EU plans to impose direct carbon taxes on individuals, I thought that it must be just another false Internet rumor.  But it isn’t a false rumor.  News sources in Europe are reporting on it, and you can find information about this plan on the official website of the European Parliament.  I don’t know why the corporate media in the United States is not talking about this, because this is an enormous story.

As I write this article, I am still in shock.  This is actually happening, and if this plan is successfully implemented in Europe it will be just a matter of time before a similar plan is pushed through in the United States.  The following comes from a Dutch article that has been translated into English

Which is interesting in light of a recent admission by Bill Gates to his inner circle, in which he was caught on tape admitting the climate change agenda is a giant scam for the New World Order, boasting that the term “clean energy” has “screwed up people’s minds.”

According to Gates, wind, solar, battery technology and other renewable energy sources might be fashionable, but they are NOT capable of solving climate change. WATCH:

Michael Snyder reports:

Of course they are starting small in an attempt to minimize opposition. Once this plan goes into effect, the cost of a liter of gasoline will only go up by about 10 cents

But as we have seen so many other times, once people become accustomed to new taxes rates tend to go up significantly.

According to one prominent member of the European Parliament, the new direct carbon taxes on individuals are part of “the largest climate legislation package in the EU ever”

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