The Great Reset: Ireland to ‘Phase Out’ Farms on Behalf of the WEF

Ireland has announced plans to join the Netherlands and Canada in phasing out farms as part of the WEF’s Great Reset agenda for humanity.

Farmers in The Netherlands have been protesting for weeks after the government instituted a new plan to bankrupt them and manufacture a food shortage across Europe.

Opposition leader Geert Wilders released a scathing letter exposing how the globalist Dutch government wants to use expropriated agricultural land for asylum centers. reports: Around 40,000 Dutch farmer paralyzed traffic in the Netherlands and blocked around 20 food distribution centers over the weekend with trucks and tractors. reported:

This past week Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau also announced he is moving forward with a plan to reduce Canadian fertilizer use and bankrupt farmers.

This will bankrupt farmers, their land will be scooped up by international billionaires and the global food shortage will deepen.

You’ll be eating bugs before you know it, whether you want to or not!

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