The View’s Meghan McCain Is ‘Over It’ After Heated Exchange With Joy Behar

The claws were out on the Tuesday, March 8, episode of The View when a conversation about cartoons quickly turned sour between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar. The row between the co-hosts began after discussed how she is “not a fan of censorship” and how work by Dr. Seuss and characters like Mr. Potato Head and Pepé Le Pew are being canceled because they didn’t age well.

While the Seuss estate announced that they will no longer be publishing several Dr. Seuss books due to their racist imagery, the Potato Head brand said that they would drop the “Mr.” and “Mrs.” from the brand’s name to be more inclusive.

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’s take? While noting that society should reassess things that “hurt people and make people feel uncomfortable,” McCain doesn’t support bans because she wants to “learn from history.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg chimed in to add that not every piece of work or character needs to be completely canceled; instead, writers could show how the characters grow and evolve with the changing times. 

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Goldberg then asked her thoughts on the situation, and that’s when things got . Behar believes that cancel culture and what she calls “pearl clutching” is coming from “right-wing media” as a distraction from Republican senators’ refusal to pass the COVID-19 relief bill. 

She noted how “not a single republican in the Senate voted for the COVID relief package, which is popular with 60% of Americans…”


She added that this is the same party “that voted 100% in lockstep to give tax breaks to rich people. They don’t want you to notice this because it’s not popular in this country to vote against COVID relief from putting food on the tables of Americans who are suffering. That’s what they’re doing right now. That is the distraction.”

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McCain, who appeared to be very frustrated by Behar’s commentary, snapped back. “It’s because 9% of the bill is actually going to COVID relief,” she said, calling it “a left-wing fever dream.” But as she tried to delve deeper into “conservatives’ problem” with it, Behar cut her off.

“Show that to 60% of Americans,” the 78-year-old replied, which led McCain to clap back once again. “No, I think we should have that relief bill only going to COVID relief — not for anything else,” McCain seethed before she emphasized that “9% of that entire bill is going to Americans.”


“That’s the problem conservatives have,” McCain added. “It’s not because we hate poor people and we don’t want people to have help during the worst economic crisis of my generation, and I think that narrative — and framing of it — is not only wildly insulting, but it’s actually inaccurate.”

After going on her rant, McCain gave up on the conversation, saying: “Over it today.”

Goldberg and Behar began to speak over one another as McCain repeatedly said she was “over it today.” Goldberg tried to wrap up the segment and cut to a break; however, Behar wasn’t done with her commentary, as she repeatedly lowered her hands and said, “Down dog, down,” to McCain.

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