These Are the Weirdest Situations in Which People Have Been Hit On

Hitting on someone is a nuanced skill, one that so many people just do no possess. So. Many. People. There is a very limited set of situations in which it is appropriate to express interest in someone, and even then, you have to do it exactly right so as not to come off as totally creepy. Let’s just say the people in this thread missed the mark. Big time

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Twitter user K. Thor Jensen started off the thread with this truly cringey story. Have you ever seen Kids? It is not a movie that makes anyone want to do anything or go anywhere with anyone else. Yikes. But the stories only get weirder from here.

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Poor Mara Wilson (who you might know from her roles in Mrs. Doubtfire, Matilda, and more) was hit on by a cab driver after he screamed at his dispatcher, and while she was crying because she was about to break up with her boyfriend. Imagine witnessing this guy absolutely lose it yelling in front of you and then being like, “Hey, what are you doing later?” No thank you!

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Noooooooooo! There aren’t enough o’s in the world to express just how “Nooooooooooooo” this is. That guy abused his power and inappropriately used a person’s personal information. I hope she called the police station and got him fired.

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They somehow keep getting cringier! This is so beyond horrible. Presumably, because she was pushing his wife’s chair, his wife could hear what he was saying. This is so disgusting I have run out of words.

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Did this guy really think this was going to work? In what world will a woman agree to go out with a man immediately after he insults her and her entire profession? Negging does not work. Cut it out, dudes.

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Ah yes, the old “sick in line” pickup. He clearly saw beyond the illness that was riddling her body at the moment. This one is definitely strange, but I’m not gonna lie; I think I’d feel kind of flattered if this happened to me. Definitely not enough to actually go out with the person, but still.

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I hate this so much! What part of “sexual harassment training” didn’t you understand. If you have to start your sentence with, “I don’t want to sound like the guy in the video,” then you shouldn’t start it at all.

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OK, let’s just get this out of the way right now for anyone who doesn’t understand. Parent-teacher conferences are professional settings. It is never appropriate to hit on someone when you are only there to interact with them in a professional capacity. Teachers have to deal with enough as it is. They don’t need this nonsense too.

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This truly seems like the plot of an episode of a middle-tier ’90s sitcom. Like, this does not happen in real life. On another note, though, $50 an hour isn’t terrible for a birthday party Barney.

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Oh look! A happy one! Sure, it was weird to flirt in the hospital as he was recovering from a car accident. But accidents make people do crazy things! And these two ended up married! Can’t get any better than that!

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