Thousands of Jabbed Teenage Girls Are Developing Tics, Doctors Baffled

Thousands of fully jabbed teenage girls in Australia are being struck down by a mystery neurological illness – with experts hinting that the condition may be “COVID related”.

The Tourette’s syndrome-like disorder is seeing teenagers suffering from incontrollable ‘tics’ – which include outbursts, twitching, pops, noises, swearing, kicking and hitting. 

Doctors are also witnessing the epidemic sweeping across the globe where previously healthy young women are “suddenly and mysteriously” coming down with violent physical and verbal impulses shortly after getting jabbed. reports: But what’s causing the rapid increase in cases has parents and medical authorities baffled.

One possible explanation is that anxiety and stress stemming from extended periods of isolation coupled with obsessions for apps like TikTok, may have been the catalyst.

‘This bright, spunky, fiercely independent young girl just trapped in her own body, in her own head. It’s really hard to watch,’ Melissa told 60 Minutes of her daughter Metallyka – before the teen slaps her mother.

Metallyka said ‘lockdowns and not seeing my friends as much’ has worsened her tics. During the pandemic her older sister Charlie also developed the same condition.

‘When she has her tics I’ll walk away, so it doesn’t set me off and make it worse for her,’ Charlie said.

Their family have chosen to look at the two disorders positively, saying some of their tics are so absurd ‘you can’t help but laugh’ – but the reality is much sadder.

Both Metallyka and Charlie require constant care, with both suffering extreme forms of the condition.

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