Three Journalists Have Died Suddenly at FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Nobody is Allowed to Ask Why

A third journalist has died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, just days after American sports reporter Grant Wahl suffered a fatal “heart attack” at the event.

48-year-old Wahl, a celebrated soccer journalist known to be fit and in good health, collapsed and died suddenly on Friday, leaving his family suspecting “foul play.”

He reportedly collapsed while covering Friday’s quarter-final game between Argentina and Netherlands. Paramedics performed CPR on Wahl for several minutes at the scene. He was then rushed to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Wahl’s brother, Eric, announced his death on Instagram and expressed suspicion about his unexpected passing. Eric argues that his brother “was healthy” and that he does “not believe” that he would “just die.”

He even suggested there may have been foul play and made an emotional plea for help.

“My brother was healthy,” he asserted. “I do not believe my brother just died.”

Second death

Just 48 hours later, it was confirmed on Sunday that Khalid al-Misslam, a Qatari photojournalist working for Al Kass TV, “died suddenly.”

Qatar news outlet Gulf Times tweeted: “Al-Misslam, a Qatari, died suddenly while covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

“We believe in Allah’s mercy and forgiveness for him, and send our deepest condolences to his family.”

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