Today’s Children Are Fat & Unhealthy Because Of Global Warming New Study Claims

There is a connection between global warming and children becoming fatter and more unhealthy

Yes, thats right, several so-called ‘experts’ are claiming that climate change is one of the leading contributors to childhood obesity and related illnesses.


The study published in the journal Temperature claims that our overheating earth is causing more children to stay inside, eat more, and be less active generally.


The “findings” were covered by CBS Mornings which noted that almost a third of children are less fit than they were a generation ago.


Summit news reports: The core argument of the study concerns “heat stress assessment” and claims that it is more ‘dangerous’ and less fun for children to be active if it’s warmer outside.


Critics have noted that the study uses stats recorded during the COVID lockdowns, and as such it may be skewed.


It notes “Climate change will not only exert direct effects like higher ambient temperatures in many regions but it will also be responsible for indirect effects that can independently affect child physical activity habits, for example as observed during the Covid-19 global pandemic.”


Perhaps the fact that children are becoming obese and unhealthy is more to do with the fact that their parents increasingly feed them unhealthy (more affordable) food, coupled with the fact that society encourages, protects and even celebrates unhealthy lifestyles.

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