Tori Spelling’s Brother Randy Reveals Why He Quit Hollywood

A different path. As Aaron Spelling made a name for himself as a hotshot film and TV producer, it was only natural for his kids to follow suit. And while daughter Tori has maintained a career in acting since the ’80s, his son , who also dabbled in performing, wound up quitting over a decade ago.

In a new interview, the former star, 42, confessed he ditched showbiz because he felt too much pressure since his “dad was such a legend.”

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Spelling nabbed a few guest roles during his time in front of the camera, including more than a dozen episodes on his sister’s hit show Beverly Hills, 90210. But after about a decade in the business, he decided he had enough. He then entered rehab in 2006 after his father’s death.

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“I was just trying to fill myself in any way I could and started filling myself with the wrong things and got caught up in addiction,” he recalled. “So I went to rehab and after I thought, ‘Gosh, I have this second chance, who do I want to be? What makes me happy? What am I here for?’ And all these existential questions that I really set out on a path to answer.”


It was then that a friend turned him on to life coaching.

“It was just, ‘Hey this sounds really interesting,’ so I did it and it was suggested I work with people and I started doing that and I realized, ‘I think I’m good at it,’ and it just propelled me to do more,” he shared.

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“I’ve been on both sides of the coin from having everything to being very concerned, ‘How I am going to make this happen for my family?’ and I can tell you happiness doesn’t come from money,” he confessed to Page Six. “It can bring less stress and afford more choice but I work with people who have very little and CEOs, and I can tell you happiness has nothing to do with money.”

Spelling is now married and lives in Oregon with his wife and their two daughters. 

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