Trudeau Trembles With Fear as Dad Tells Him “My Boy Died From the Vaccine, F**k You!”

An emotionally distressed father who lost his 17-year-old son due to a Covid jab slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for failing to warn the people of Canada about the lethal dangers of the experimental vaccines.

In a video posted to Twitter Sunday, Dan Hartman addressed recent comments by Trudeau claiming he never insulted members of the Canadian Freedom Convoy earlier this year.

“Yeah, you did!” Hartman told Trudeau, adding that Trudeau should tell vaccine maker Pfizer, “Fuck you, Pfizer. The deal’s off. You’re hurting my people.”

“I know people personally that would maybe forgive you who hate you right now,” the angry dad, who started the hashtag #Answers4Sean, continued to tell Trudeau.

“But no, you just keep pushing it, don’t you? You won’t fucking admit that one single person has died from the vaccine, will ya?! You won’t even tell the truth,” he yelled, adding, “Tell the fucking truth!”

“My boy is dead from your vaccine! Fuck you!” the irate father bellowed before storming off. reports: The circumstances behind Hartman’s son Sean’s death were detailed on a GiveSendGo page:

Last week, Trudeau appeared to acknowledge his negative response earlier this year toward the Freedom Convoy trucker protest, a movement of Canadians demonstrating against the country’s Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates, but he pushed back against claims he called the demonstrators names which evoked deep resentment toward him from Canadians.

“I did not call people who were unvaccinated names,” Trudeau insisted last Friday. “I highlighted, (that) there is a difference between people who are hesitant to get vaccinated for any range of reasons, and people who deliberately spread misinformation that puts at risk the life and health of their fellow Canadians.”

Back in Sept. 2021, however, as the Freedom Convoy was beginning to take shape, Trudeau referred to members of the movement as “racists” and “misogynists,” while refusing to acknowledge the protests as legitimate.

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