Trump Warns ‘World War III’ Is Coming

Former President Donald Trump has warned that the Biden Administration has massively accelerated the chances of World War 3 breaking out with Russia.

Since the Russian operation in Ukraine, the Biden admin has supplied Ukraine with 25 billion dollars in military aid.

In a move sure to escalate the US proxy war with Russia, Biden recently agreed to send 31 American Abrams tanks to Ukraine: reports: President Trump immediately commented upon the recklessness of such an escalation with Russia on the part of an increasingly desperate Biden:

As Revolver News’ Darren Beattie emphasized during a recent phone conversation with President Trump, one of the reasons the regime hates President Trump is that the is the first Oval Office occupant in decades not to start new wars — no new wars means no new mansions for the special interest lobbyists who work on behalf of American defense contractors.

Biden’s decision to send American tanks to the Ukraine-Russia war is even more ridiculous when you look into the details of the arrangement. According to a helpful New York Times report, all of Biden’s military advisors recommended against sending American tanks, as they would be less effective on the battlefield and a logistical nightmare to transport all the way to Europe. If Western/NATO powers had to send tanks at all, European (German) tanks would have been far more suitable. The Germans essentially refused to send their tanks out of the understandable fear of about appearing to escalate against Russia without full backing of the United States.

Biden’s escalation banks on assumption that Russians are less likely now to use tactical nukes — quite a big assumption indeed. The piece goes on to describe the politics involved in convincing an apparently initially reluctant Biden to go all in with US tank support. Several Pentagon officials explained the logistical nightmare of using US tanks, despite Germany’s insistence on the matter:

If Germany is going to continue as a vassal state of the United States, their position is that any meaningful escalation of the proxy war with Russia must be optically associated with the United States. Ultimately, these political considerations won out

At the end of the day, the United States is calling the shots here. Let us hope that somehow Biden heeds Trump’s warning, and that cooler and wiser heads prevent the war party from rolling American tanks into what could become World War III.

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