UK Airport To Permanently Close, Most Flights Cancelled – A Sign of Things To Come?

Back in 2020, experts warned that airports, especially the smaller ones, could be permanently closed following the covid pandemic.

Climate change has also managed to come into play.

Just this month an airport in the UK has confirmed that it is to close permanently, seeing all flights cancelled.

Not only will this mean over 3,000 jobs are at risk, but thousands of flights a year will be affected.

According to the Sun newspaper, Doncaster Sheffield Airport has confirmed that flights will start “winding down” from October 31, will an official closing date yet to be confirmed.

Peel Group, which owns the airport, said that it was no longer viable to operate due to a “lack of adequate forward revenues and high operating costs”.

And Wizz Air, which was one of the largest operators, also pulled out, leaving just TUI flights.

Aviation analytics firm Cirium said it was the 26th biggest airport in the UK, recording 4,609 flights in 2019.

Could this be part of the push to make ‘air travel history?

One Nation reports: Within 5 to 7 years, ordinary people will no longer have the right to fly in the way that they were used to pre-2020. Within 10 years, they won’t have the right to fly at all.

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