Urging Americans To Get ‘Boosted’ Fauci Says He Never Imagined Covid Would Kill So Many

Fauci said he never imagined the pandemic would last so long and take so many lives.

During the covid briefing, Fauci told reporters: “I did not imagine and I don’t think any of my colleagues imagined that we would see a three-year saga of suffering and death and a million Americans losing their lives”

He failed to mention any of the sudden deaths and serious adverse reactions that have been occuring since the roll out the experimental covid jabs….but instead called on Americans to continue getting thier boosters.

CNBC reports: Fauci is stepping down in December as head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases after nearly 40 years at the helm and as White House chief medical advisor.

He said the most disturbing feature of Covid was the evolution of multiple variants, which upended the U.S. response to the pandemic several times.

When challenged about mixed messages given to the public about the virus in the early days of the pandemic, Fauci said public health officials were dealing with an evolving outbreak.

Public health guidance changed because information about the virus changed from week to week and month to month, he said.

Initially health officials thought the virus spread from animals to humans, but subsequently learned it spread very well between people, Fauci said. It also became clear later that the virus was aerosolized and up to 60% of people spreading it had no symptoms at all, he said.

“The recommendations based on what you know in January, by the time you get to March, April and May — they will change,” Fauci said. “Understandably that leads to a question on the part of the public: Why do they keep changing things?”

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