Vanderbilt University Medical Center Forced To Suspend Transgender Operations For Minors

Amid outrage over claims that the hospital ‘chemically castrates’ minors for financial gain, the Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has suspended all gender altering operations for children.

The prestigious university hospital came under fire last month after an investigation revealed that it ‘castrated’ minors for lucrative financial gain

The Medical Center confirmed on Friday that it will be freezing all ‘gender affirmation surgery’ on underage patients pending a review of their practices.

Their statement was in response to calls from Tennessee lawmakersto investigate the hospital following a report from conservative activist Matt Walsh.

Walsh released a 2018 video showing LGBTQ specialist Dr Shayne Taylor touting transgender surgeries as ‘huge money makers’ for the hospital.

The Mail Online reports: Walsh also compiled a report of his own investigation into VUMC’s trans program which found the hospital ‘drugs, chemically castrates and performs double mastectomies on minors.’

VUMC announced it would be halting its transgender services, but that it was doing so only pending review of ‘new recommendations’ from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health [WPATH].

‘On September 6, 2022, WPATH [World Professional Association for Transgender Health] published a new version of its recommendations to health care professionals for treatment of transgender persons, known as SOC-8,’ the hospital wrote in a statement to lawmakers.

‘In light of these new recommendations, and as part of completing our internal clinical review of SOC-8 guidance in patients under 18, we will be seeking advice from local and national clinical experts.

‘We are pausing gender affirmation surgeries on patients under age 18 while we complete this review, which may take several months.’

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