Video: Satanic Witch Screams ‘BALENCIAGA’ Before Being Burned in American Horror Story

A recently resurfaced video makes the already disturbing Balenciaga pedo-gate scandal even more sinister.

The video making the rounds on Twitter shows a witch being burned alive in a 2017 scene taken from the show American Horror Story.

As the Satanic witch is being burned at the stake she let’s out a blood curdling scream, yelling “BALENCIAGA”.

Watch: reports: The scene from American Horror Story was filmed back in 2017, years before satanic imagery within Balenciaga ad campaigns were exposed.

Here is the online explanation at the time.

EW reported:

So why weren’t Myrtle’s last words “Carolina Herreraaaaaaaa!” since that’s what she was wearing?

“In my opinion, the dress Myrtle was wearing and the fact that she yelled ‘Balenciaga!’ were never meant to be related,” Eyrich said. “[Her last word] was just her tribute to all things couture.”

Balenciaga’s brand itself is named after its founder Cristóbal Balenciaga.

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