Vladimir Putin on Deathbed; Orders Military To Prepare for World War 3

Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing the largest military operation that the world has seen in decades and has ordered military officials to prepare for ‘World War 3.’

Putin, who is rumored to be on his deathbed battling terminal cancer, told close aides that Russia must strike first to gain an advantage in the ‘imminent’ global war against the West.

According to the Daily Mail, the head of military intelligence in Ukraine believes that Vladimir Putin “is terminally ill with cancer”:

Americafirstreport.com reports: When asked how soon Putin might die, Budanov stated that he thinks that it will come “very fast”

Right now, Putin is surrounded by officials that are even more hawkish than he is.

Many in the western world will greatly rejoice when Putin dies, but the truth is that whoever replaces Putin will almost certainly be less inclined to engage in peace talks.

If our leaders were wise, they would be pushing for peace talks with Russia while Putin is still around.

Unfortunately, that isn’t going to happen.

At this point, the Russians realize that this war is going to drag on and on until someone makes a really big move to end it.  In recent weeks the Russians have been mobilizing large numbers of troops and vast amounts of military equipment in Belarus.  Joint military exercises are being conducted, and many are concerned that the stage is being set for something really big

In fact, Reuters recently suggested that the Russians could soon “launch a new ground invasion of Ukraine from the north”…

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