WaPo Finally Admits ‘Vaccinated People Now Make Up a Majority of COVID Deaths’

The Washington Post has finally admitted what independent media outlets have reported for the last two years – the majority of COVID deaths are from people who are vaccinated against the virus.

Redstate.com reports: Naturally, instead of admitting that they overstepped, the White House’s grand plan to combat the trend of vaccinated people dying is to, you guessed it, promote more boosters. Just get boosted again and again and again, they say, and you’ll be completely immune from the virus. To reiterate, that’s Jha’s words, not mine. Never mind that the fact that so many vaxxed and boosted people have already died completely disproves Jha’s assertion that the vaccines represent a perfect solution to COVID-19 deaths.

It would have been so simple to present the vaccines as a worthy preventative measure, highly recommended for specific, high-risk demographics. That would have preserved trust in our institutions instead of seeing that trust burned to the ground with false information meant to manipulate the public.

Instead, Fauci and his cohorts chose to tell the nation that infants needed the vaccines despite them being at no statistical risk. They ignored natural immunity for years without even a hint of humility once they were proven wrong. They have also continued to gloss over the fact that age and pre-existing conditions continue to drive COVID-19 deaths, vaccinated or not, in an effort to get multiple jabs into every arm, regardless of risk factors.

Moving back to the big picture, has anyone bothered to stop and ask why those who are boosted are dying at higher rates than those who only got the primary regime? It is simply about high-risk demographics having a higher propensity to be boosted in the first place? I’m sure that’s part of it, but it should also be asked whether these continued boosting regimes are actually diminishing immunity in the long run. To actually study that, though, would violate the religious tenants of COVID-19, and we can’t have that.

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