Wayne Brady Gives Exclusive Details On Blended Family Comedy

He’s ready for any challenge! Wayne Brady is a TV staple, thanks to Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Let’s Make A Deal. Now, he’s taken his hosting chops over to Fox’s Game of Talents

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Tell us about Game of Talents
It’s the best of both worlds: Part game show, part talent contest. It’s been a pleasure to work on — not only do we showcase amazing talent, but we help change lives. 

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You’re working on a based on your life. Any update? 
It’s the story of my . It’ll show how myself, my ex-wife Mandie Taketa, our daughter Malie and Mandie’s boyfriend, Jason Fordham, have created this great family unit… with all the ups, downs and TikToks along the way

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What can you share about the American Gigolo reboot series you’re appearing in? 
It’s been an amazing experience. Jon Bernthal is officially one of my favorite actors. The cast has been so great to work with. It’s a darker and more intriguing take on [the 1980 movie] American Gigolo.

Any other projects coming up? 
Yes, I’m working on a new show about a young gay man who moves from Hawaii to Barstow [Calif.] and a new series about a trans-superhero. I want to tell stories that involve diverse characters and are about inclusion.

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