‘We Were Lied To’: Ben Shapiro Finally Admits He Was Wrong to Promote Vaccines

Ben Shapiro has long been a promoter of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines, telling his millions of followers that they were “dopes” if they decided against submitting themselves to the grand experiment.

On Tuesday, Shapiro admitted that, like many others, he had been lied to and deceived about the efficacy of the vaccines, particularly with regard to their ability to prevent viral transmission.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Ben Shapiro Show,” Shapiro admitted, “It is now perfectly clear that we were lied to. And we were lied to at a very high level and from very, very early on by both the vaccine companies, in terms of the ability of the vaccine to prevent transmission, and … by our politicians who apparently knew better.”

Shapiro’s admission and sense of betrayal comes, in part, after Pfizer executive Janine Small stated on Oct. 10 that the company did not know if the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine it had developed with BioNTech would prevent viral transmission before the drug went on the market.

In addition to being enraged by Small’s admission, Shapiro took issue with the possibility that the Biden administration knew as much over a year ago, but had nevertheless stood by its original narrative. “It turns out the Biden White House knew this and promoted the lie anyway,” said Shapiro. “This is truly amazing stuff.”

President Joe Biden said with confidence in 2021, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

The Blaze reports: Despite his public confidence, an article cited by Shapiro and published in the Washington Post on Oct. 22 suggested that the Biden administration knew as of summer 2021 that the vaccines “did a far worse job of blocking infection than originally expected, as potency waned … Still, the political imperative remained.”

In July, former White House COVID response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx admitted she too had known the COVID-19 vaccines “were not going to protect against infection,” adding that “we overplayed the vaccines.”

While elements of the government and the scientific establishment knew the truth, they weren’t keen on intervening when others were castigated for saying it out loud.

The Washington Post, which just reported that the vaccines had proven ineffective at blocking transmission, previously stated that the “most pernicious anti-vaccine talking point,” especially when voiced by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), was the claim that the vaccines “are not preventing infection.”

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