WEF: Americans Must Be Stripped of First Amendment Rights “For Their Own Good”

The World Economic Forum has declared that the US First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press, must be consigned to history in order to allow for a successful “reboot” of humanity.

Make no mistake, they hate us for our freedoms.

According to US Senator Joe Manchin, the US First Amendment is a problem that the globalist boffins at the World Economic Forum must find a solution for. This is what being a traitor on the global stage looks like.

According to Manchin and the globalists in Davos, the media space is not controlled enough.

This might sound absurd to you, when you consider that mainstream media is completely bought and paid for. But Manchin, Schwab and the Davos elite are not talking about mainstream media. They are talking about independent media and the internet in general. They are talking about real people like you and me.

The internet is a major problem for the elites. They want humanity to live in a world where political theater like the fake arrest of Greta Thunberg this week in Germany is broadcast into the homes of millions of people, where everybody accepts everything on face value because there is nobody left to question the narrative and expose the lies.

Take a look at Thunberg and her fellow actors laughing, posing and getting ready for the cameras before the fake arrest that was carried on every mainstream media network in the world.

It’s all fake and that is the way the global elite like it. Anything real is attacked by the mainstream media, derided as fake news by fact checkers, and suppressed by algorithms on social media.

We are living through a full frontal assault on truth and decency, a time when lies are peddled as self-evident truths and anyone daring to tell the truth about the real agenda of the elites is slandered, vilified, attacked as insane… or even worse.

(show headlines… Mel Gibson article? Isaac Kappy suicide for the “even worse”, etc)

Klaus Schwab was confronted by an independent journalist from Japan this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Take note of his reaction when she says she is an independent journalist. Make no mistake, the global elite are terrified of us.

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