WEF Declare Humans Who Wish To Live Must Become Batteries For AI

Despite what the mainstream media are attempting to convince us, the World Economic Forum are not trying to fix the world for humanity. They’re trying to fix things for a tiny minority of the world’s population. And in order to do this, they are trying to break you. You might want to start paying closer attention.

For instance, did you know that WEF advisor Bill Gates holds a patent with technology using humans to harness energy?

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, Gates owns a second patent which gives him the “exclusive rights” to “computerize” the human body. This is not a joke. Gates applied for – and was granted – a patent which gives him exclusive rights over your body.

We are seeing rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, or AI, with many technology experts predicting 2023 will be the year when advancements in machine learning go exponential. While the future is impossible to predict, it is widely expected that many, if not most, traditional occupations will be made redundant by AI.

The concept of a redundant human race is a theme the WEF have been promoting for decades now. So it should come as no surprise that they are deeply excited about the explosive growth of AI and have begun promoting the idea of humans being subservient to machines.

According to the WEF, when 6G technology is eventually rolled out to replace 5G, “redundant and useless” humans should be used as an energy source to power computers and AI machines.

Science Daily explains

Essentially, people would be serving as antennas for “wasted” energy to be directed to artificially intelligent machines.

It appears the World Economic Forum has finally found a use for the humans they consider “useless” and “redundant.”

If humans want to continue living, according to the WEF, they will have to become energy producing slaves to the technocratic elite and their artificial intelligence.

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