WEF Elites, Who Want You To Own Nothing and Be Happy, Fly Hundreds of Sex Workers To Davos

Hundreds of prostitutes have poured into Davos, Switzlerland to satisfy the appetites of the globalist elite including world leaders and CEOs

Ronald Reagan once remarked, “It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” He wasn’t wrong.

Demand for prostitutes skyrockets each year at the meeting of world leaders and CEOs who fly into the Swiss town on private jets from all around the world to mingle with each other and plot to take away our freedoms.

Escorts are booked into the same hotels as high-powered bosses and their employees during the five-day summit, which started this week on January 16. These are the leaders who want you to live in a pod, eating bugs, with no possessions.

DailyMail report: One sex worker named Liana said she dresses in business attire so she doesn’t stand out among the executives, despite prostitution being legal in Switzerland.

She told Bild she regularly sees an American who visits Switzerland multiple times a year and is among the 2,700 conference attendees.

Liana charges around 700 euros for an hour and 2,300 euros for the whole night, plus travel expenses.

The manager of one escort service in Aargau, 100 miles away from the summit, says she has already received 11 bookings and 25 inquiries – and expects many more to follow this week.

She told 20 Minuten: ‘Some also book escorts for themselves and their employees to party in the hotel suite.’

Salome Balthus, a sex worker and writer, posted on Twitter: ‘Date in Switzerland during #WWF means looking at the gun muzzles of security guards in the hotel corridor at 2 a.m. – and then sharing the giveaway chocolates from the restaurant with them and gossiping about the rich… #Davos #WEF.’

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