WEF Insider Reveals ‘Bug-Eating Agenda’ Is About Destroying the Human Soul

Most humans have a natural aversion when it comes to insects. The sight of some types of bugs, like cockroaches for instance, provokes an instant feeling of disgust.

This is a near universal trait in humans. It is believed to be instinctual. Our natural inclination to recoil when a bug is anywhere near us could be our brains warning us that these things could bite, sting, infect or even poison us to death. Also, considering the fact that insects feed on filth, decay, and excrement, the mere sight of them is enough for our brains to send an alarm signal telling us that something is wrong.

This is a good thing. It keeps us safe and free from disease.

With all of that being said, the global elite (most notably the World Economic Forum) want us to put cockroaches in our mouths, chew on their crunchy exterior, and swallow their viscous green insides. They want us to eat cockroaches while smiling, owning nothing, and pretending to be happy.

The bug-eating agenda is not a joke. It’s starting to seep through mass media and even the educational system. The goal is to normalize and even glamorize the consumption of bugs.

So why are the powers that be laser-focused on forcing the masses to eat crickets, mealworms, and cockroaches? Here’s a look at the situation.

First you must wrap your head around one important fact: The WEF are looking to redefine what it means to be a human on Earth. They believe that we have too many freedoms and that we consume too many resources.

The WEF is not merely trying to penetrate governments and control economies, it wants to redefine the meaning of life on Earth. Nothing less.

This is an article on the WEF’s actual website. They’re out of their minds.

In short, they see us as cattle. Other than controlling every aspect of our lives, they also want us to consume fewer resources. This is where the bug-eating agenda comes in. Using buzzwords such as “sustainability”, the global elite is defining what is a “responsible” diet while increasingly shaming those who eat meat.

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