WEF To Spray Chemtrails Into The Sky To Dim Our Sun

In a recent TikTok video aimed at children, the World Economic Forum (WEF) admits they are planning to spray lethal chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere to “help reverse climate change.”

The WEF suggests using a “raft” of “space bubbles” about “the size of Brazil” to reflect the Sun’s rays away from Earth. Buckle up, folks. This is another case of “conspiracy theory” becoming “conspiracy fact.”

This is where things get really disturbing. The WEF is actively trying to brainwash our children and normalize geoengineering.

The WEF adds that the MIT researchers say it “might be too risky,” though, and have “unintended consequences for the biosphere.”

You think?

The inspiration behind Klaus Schwab’s latest plan for humanity came from a devastating natural disaster. The volcano Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines erupted in 1991, killing more than 700 people and leaving more than 200,000 homeless. But it also gave scientists the chance to monitor the consequences of a vast chemical cloud in the stratosphere.

Make no mistake, Klaus Schwab and the WEF are trying to recreate one of the world’s most devastating natural disasters, while selling it as a plan to “fix global warming?”

Are they mocking us? Is this some kind of sick fetish?

Klaus Schwab isn’t the only one. Self-appointed World Health Czar Bill Gates is also playing God and has been trying to spray toxic chemicals into the Earth’s atmosphere for years.

In 2019, Gates ran 300 stratospheric balloon tests to see if it was possible to launch devices capable of spraying lethal sun-reflecting chemicals into the stratosphere.

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