WEF Wants To Cancel Christmas To Fight Climate Change

The World Economic Forum has recently launched a controversial new initiative that will have Christians up in arms.

The World Economic Forum is now calling for Christmas holiday traditions to be canceled in coming years as part of an effort to save the environment.

The WEF has ordered mainstream media outlets to begin pushing the anti-Christmas narrative and wants to introduce an international policy that will require governments to phase out Christmas traditions in their countries in favor of “carbon-neutral” celebrations.

CNN, always at the forefront of the globalist agenda, ordered its audience to cancel Christmas last year because of Covid.

This year, the liberal sadists at CNN want their audience to cancel Christmas plans because of climate change. The Guardian, another globalist mouthpiece firmly under the control of the WEF, has told its readers that giving gifts and enjoying traditional Christmas meals is “vulgar” and needs to stop.

Instead of turkey and all the trimmings, the Guardian wants you to cancel your traditional Christmas meal and replace it with insects, bugs, crickets and Bill Gates’ synthetic fake meat.

Incoming House Democratic whip Katherine Clark is firmly under the control of the WEF and she has taken it upon herself to lead the Congressional charge to cancel Christmas, declaring that she wants to do it for her children.

It appears Klaus Schwab wasn’t exaggerating when he said that the WEF has penetrated left-wing governments all over the world.

But why is the WEF so determined to cancel Christmas?

First you must wrap your head around one important fact: The WEF are looking to redefine what it means to be a human on Earth. They believe that we have too many freedoms and that we consume too many resources.

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