Welsh Govt Accused of ‘Totalitarianism’ In Court Fight Over Gender Identity & Sex Education Lessons For Kids

A group of campaigners, including parents, have taken the Welsh government to court over compulsory sex education lessons for young children, that they say gives prominence to LGBTQ+ themes. 

Those behind the challenge have accused the Welsh government of adopting “ideological totalitarianism” and say they are breaching the European Convention of Human Rights.

Wales launched the new curriculum in September. Their new relationships and sexuality education (RSE) seeks to ’embed sex and gender themes into day-to-day classes’ ….but with no opt out for parents.

The Mail Online reports: Public Child Protection Wales brought the legal challenge against the curriculum before Mrs Justice Steyn at the Civil Justice Centre in Cardiff after they launched a judicial review in May. 

The group are seeking to overturn the new curriculum which they have said is inappropriate for primary age children. 

They have said that children as young as three will be taught about ‘sensitive and arguably inappropriate topics’ including gender ideology and said that the sex education lessons amount to ‘indoctrination’ by the government.

But lawyers for the Labour-run government told the High Court that the curriculum should be taught in school so children as young as three can learn ’empathy’ with different people. And they have said that the group’s claims were ‘incorrect’ and lessons would be age-appropriate.

Up to 300 protesters from Public Child Protection, who say the new curriculum is inappropriate for primary age children, yesterday mounted a demonstration against the new Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) code outside the High Court hearing. 

One banner held at the protest said: ‘Protect kids from woke agenda – allow sex education parental opt-out.’ 

A mother who asked not to be named, said: ‘They have given no details of what the lessons entail only that sex and gender issues will be part of everyday school lessons.

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