What Happened to Brent on “Howard Stern”? The Producer Revealed Why He Quit

It’s unclear whether the producer’s health played a role in his decision to leave “Howard Stern,” but Brent admitted in January that the crippling pain had forced him to make several big lifestyle changes. 

“I’ve gotten these debilitating headaches since I was 14. They’ve been infrequent my whole life, but now they’re up to the point where they’re every day,” he previously shared on the show.

“The whole left side of my head hurts. All the way through my tongue, through my shoulder, through my head… my vision gets blurry,” Brent explained. “I’ll end up puking if I don’t take something for it.”

A specialist in Manhattan told him that the migraines could stem from an overconsumption of diet soda and ibuprofen, so Brent vowed to steer clear of those two things from now on. “I’m completely done,” he insisted. “[The doctor] said, ‘No more ever again.’”

Brent hasn’t given fans a health update in weeks, but he did hint at possible turmoil in his personal life via a tweet on May 27. “If you’re different, plan on being judged, having things made up about you, losing friends and/or family members because of their prejudices and worse, but persevere any way,” he wrote. 

Wanna elaborate on that cryptic message, Brent?

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