White House Forced To Clarify Joe Biden’s Remark About Having cancer

After saying that he has cancer, White House press office were forced to quickly claify that President Biden was actually referring to the skin cancer he had years ago.

During the president’s latest public gaffes on Wednesday, Biden also mistakenly referred to Glasgow as part of England.

Biden’s made his remarks during a speech about global warming in which he described emissions from oil refineries near his childhood home in Claymont, Delaware.

He said: “That’s why I and so damn many other people I grew up with have cancer and why for the longest time Delaware had the highest cancer rate in the nation”

Although, Biden used the present tense, White House officials said the president was referring to his past treatment for skin cancer.

MSN reports: Mr Biden’s deputy press secretary Andrew Bates pointed to his 2021 health exam which noted his treatment for “several, localised non-melanoma skin cancers”, which he had removed before he took office.

However, Mr Biden’s comments were widely mocked by Republicans who have seized on each of the 79-year-old’s regular verbal missteps as evidence of his ailing mental acuity.

Other critics pointed out that Mr Biden’s comments were a significant departure from the focus of his speech at a former coal plant in Massachusetts.

While announcing steps he is taking to address climate change, Mr Biden began to describe the harmful impact of emissions from oil refineries near his childhood home.

“You had to put on your windshield wipers to get, literally, the oil slick off the window,” he said.

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