Who Is Guy Fieri’s Mom? Meet the Food Network Star’s Mother Here

If you watch Guy Fieri on Food Network, then you know in addition to being a master in the kitchen, he’s quite the family man. The celebrity chef is a husband and dad of two sons, but sweetly enough, he’s still close with his parents, both of whom have appeared on their son’s shows before. That said, there have been many questions about who Guy’s mom is. Scroll down for everything we know about Guy’s mother, Penelope Ferry!

Who is Guy Fieri’s mom?

Guy Fieri’s mom’s name is Penelope Ferry. She is the wife of Guy’s father, Jim Ferry. Over the years, Penelope has appeared on two of her son’s shows, including Guy’s Grocery Games in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 and Guy’s Big Bite in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2016. His father appeared on Guy’s Big Bite in 2012 and 2013.

You may be wondering why Guy’s parents’ last name is Ferry and his is Fieri. So it turns out, Guy was born as Guy Ramsay Ferry. However, when he married his wife, Lori, in 1995, he decided to change it to Fieri. But the surname didn’t come out of nowhere. It’s actually his grandfather’s last name, but when he immigrated from Italy to the U.S., the spelling was changed to Ferry. So interesting!

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Guy was born in Columbus, Ohio, but he was raised in Northern California. His mom and dad were in the retail industry with their store called Abraxas and Dave’s Saddlery. “Growing up, my parents had a country western clothing store in Northern California, so I grew up with Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty,” he’s said of his love for old school country music. 

Although Guy truly developed a love for cooking during his year abroad in France, he did admit that he grew up around good eats. “I wrote home to my parents, saying ‘I had steak and potatoes yesterday, and it was like I’d never had them in my life,’” the TV star shared. “My parents were really good cooks, and we ate really well, but I’d never had anything like the food there. I knew exactly then what I wanted to do.”

The 52-year-old has also revealed in the past that like many mothers out there, she is also very protective over her son. When he was 10 years old, he had to get emergency surgery after a horseback riding accident damaged his liver and heart.  “I was f—ed up,” he once told GQ. “My mom was devastated.”  

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