Whoopi Goldberg Says Marjorie Taylor Greene Should Be In Prison For Crime of Mocking Jan 6 Committee

Whoopi Goldberg has declared that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) belongs “behind bars” after the Georgia congresswoman mocked the anti-Trump Jan. 6 Committee witch hunt during a recent speech.

Greene ridiculed the false claims that she was involved in “plotting” the Capitol riot while speaking at a gala for the New York Young Republicans Club.

Greene jokingly argued that, if she had plotted to “overthrow the government,” then she would have been successful.

“Then Jan. 6 happened,” Greene said during her speech.

“And next thing you know, I organized the whole thing, along with Steve Bannon here.

“And I will tell you something, if Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won,” she joked.

“Not to mention, it would’ve been armed.

“See that’s the whole joke, isn’t it?

“They say that whole thing was planned and I’m like, are you kidding me?

“A bunch of conservatives, Second Amendment supporters, went in the Capitol without guns, and they think that we organized that?”

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