Woke BBC ‘Concerned’ That The England Women’s Football Team Are All White

Woke BBC ‘Concerned’ That The England Women’s Football Team Are All White

A BBC Sports presenter has expressed concern about the English woman’s football team, because all the players happen to be white.

Instead of celebrating the record-breaking victory against Norway, in its ultra-woke coverage of the Womens Euro 2022, BBC presenter Eilidh Barbour declared ‘It was an historic eight goal victory for England last night as the Lionesses secured their place in the quarter finals” but she then decided to deride the success of the team because of their skin colour by adding but all starting 11 players and the five substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white. And that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game in England”

Summit News The reporter then threw to a piece by black presenter Alex Scott about the same supposed ‘problem’.

English people being white? In a country that is around 85 per cent white?

The absolute horror.

Would they express similar concern about the Nigerian team being all black?

Perhaps the BBC will draw attention to the shocking lack of diversity in the UK grime scene next?

Or maybe not.

Of course, if the entire team was black, that would be celebrated and not seen as a problem at all.

“WTF exactly does this presenter want the English coach to do if the 15 most talented/tactically appropriate players for the match happen to be white?” asked Emily Hewertson.

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