Woman Carves A Dog-O-Lantern That Looks Like Her Pomeranian

Guys, I have brought a great pumpkin carving story for you. 

This story is about one of my favorite holidays i.e. Halloween. I like this holiday so much because, on this day, I get to wear the spookiest costume and carve something really cool with pumpkin. Actually, I like the pumpkin carving part the most because then, I get to show my artistic skills and interest. 

I had started by using pre-made pumpkin carving patterns. If you want, you can easily find such patterns in books like Pumpkin Masters. However, I got bored with jack-o-lantern faces. And that’s when I decided to challenge my pumpkin carving skills with something great. 

So, in 2009, I started an ultra-detailed jack-o-lantern design. And the first look was an Iron Man. Yes, you have read that right. Since then, I have started carving something great and unique each year. And this time, I have tried something better and bigger. It is the portrait of my super cute Pomeranian dog, Sophie. Yay!

A few tidbits about my carvings:

  • I only carve real pumpkins. Sadly, they don’t last forever.
  •  I carve using an X-Acto knife.
  • I take around 8 to 20 hours for pumpkin carving.
  • I do not light my pumpkins using candles but a CFL bulb on a cord.

I carved this dog-o-lantern of my Pomeranian Sophie this year

I first made a sketch of Sophie on a pumpkin

Then I used X-acto knife to carve the pieces

This was the final result

You can see the process of carving my dog-o-lantern in the video below:

Here are some older works of mine. 2016:






My first one, in 2009


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