Woman Who Survived Hitler’s Germany Tells Vaccine Pushers They Remind Her of Nazis

Renowned composer and Holocaust survivor Inna Zhvanetskaya has given entitled liberals a major reality check by telling them that vaccine pushing liberals are the brainwashed extremist group that most closely resemble the Nazis she grew up with.

Zhvanetskaya, a Ukrainian woman who lives in Germany, is reportedly in hiding with friends after efforts by German authorities to send her to a psychiatric institution where forced Covid vaccines would be administered.

Authorities are prepared to hold  Zhvanetskaya in the facility for a year and forcefully administer the jab.

Zhvanetskaya posted a video on Rumble which describes her situation:

However, according to several reports, she has been transferred to a safe place by friendly activists who wanted to prevent her arrest.

LifeSite News reports: The 85-year-old Zhvanetskaya sent a video message to Report24 saying that “music is my life, and if they take away music from me then they take my life.”

Report24 also received a copy of the court order, which authorizes her forceful transfer to a psychiatric institution and for her to be forcefully injected with the COVID-19 shots “for her own good.”

The court order was officially appointed by her professional guardian, which seems somewhat contradictory given that the German national federation of professional guardians is strictly against forced vaccinations of patients against their wishes, according to statements made on their website.

The court order claims that Zhvanetskaya has been diagnosed with several mental illnesses, including dementia, delusional disorder, narcissistic “grandeur self-image,” egocentrism and logorrhea. She also allegedly suffers from severe obesity and heart disease.

However, many of these diagnoses were called into question by critics after the story made the rounds in alternative media circles. Report24 journalist Will Huber pointed out that Zhvanetskaya does not appear to be extremely overweight in the video she sent, which seems to contradict the claim that she is severely obese.

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