Zelensky Tells UN That His ‘Formula For Peace’ In Ukraine Starts With ‘Punishing’ Russia

During his speech dueing the United Nations General Assembly debate on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky presented a five-point, non-negotiable “formula for peace” between him and Putin’s Russia

He identified the first step to ending the war as “punishment”

Addresing the forum via video lonk from Kyiv, Zelensky also ‘named and shamed’ Belarus, Cuba, North Korea, Eritrea, Nicaragua, along with Russia and Syria, accusing them of ‘fearing his words’.

Breitbart reports: Zelensky discussed the war before the General Assembly through the lens of a five-point plan that he argued could be applied universally to any conflict to achieve peace. Prior to revealing the plan, he insisted to those urging Ukraine and Russia to attempt talks that the time for diplomacy had ended and that talks had indeed been attempted, but failed.

“We held 88 rounds of talks in various formats to prevent this war, just from the beginning of my presidency until February 24 this year,” he recalled.

Zelensky claimed his peace plan would necessarily require significant reform of the United Nations, later questioning the logic of permanent seats on the Security Council for rogue states like Russia, and the toothlessness of U.N. agencies.

“I will present a formula that can work not only for us, but for anyone who may find themselves in similar circumstances as we did,” he said. “It is a formula that punishes crime, protects life, restores security and territorial integrity, guarantees security, and provides determination. There are five preconditions for peace.”

Punishment, as he noted, was the first step in his plan to end wars.

Zelensky called for universal sanctions on Russia, from banning Russian tourists from entering free states to barring Russia from participating in international fora like the Security Council, also including commercial sanctions to impoverish the Russian economy.

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