Zoophile Pride Marchers Demand LGBTQI+ Movement Add a Z

German zoophiles have taken to the streets in protest against laws that forbid sex with animals. According to the protesters, German citizens should have the right to engage in sexual relationships with animals including pet dogs.

Zoophiles believe it’s acceptable to be sexually intimate with an animal, and want the LGBTQ+ rainbow movement to add a Z to its name.

Under animal protection laws that apply in every civilized country across the world, it is illegal to engage in sexual congress with an animal, however organizers of the Zoophilia Pride March say they are making headway in pressuring the German government to change the law by gaining the support of the mainstream majority.

In an interview published by RUPTLY, one of the Zoophilia pride marchers defends the concept of sexual relationships with animals. According to the pride marcher, sex with animals should be decriminalized because “it is much easier to build a relationship with animals than humans.”

The protester also brought his dog to the march to “share the love” and told the interviewer that the first dog he had sex with was male, however he is currently in a sexual relationship with a “German Shepherd bitch.”

The major reason many are adamant that zoophiles should not be accepted by mainstream society involves the issue of consent. Some think it’s equivalent to child abuse, where dominance is imposed on a weaker party that is incapable of giving consent.

But in case you are thinking zoophiles are confined to Germany, it’s time for a reality check. German men at pride parades are not the only people demanding the right to have sexual relationships with animals. And women are just as likely to be zoophiles as men.

Check out Whitney Wisconsin, an all American girl who is so determined to normalize sex with animals that she released a Top 10 video dedicated to educating ordinary people about the virtues of zoophilia.

You might have noticed all of Whitney’s reasons are along the lines of “other people have done it” and “there is no risk to you.” But what about the animals? Again, just like pedophilia, we are dealing with issues of consent here.

The top comment on Whitney’s video calls her out on this point.

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